About Ann

I am a RN by training and a photographer by heart. I am lucky that I only have to work three days a week at the hospital and can enjoy four days off a week with my beautiful son Caden. I developed a love of photography because I wanted to capture every special moment my son had in a photograph. I wanted the pictures I took of my son to reflect the beauty and love I saw in his eyes. When he gets older, I want him to look at these pictures and feel as if he is reliving that very moment. I also wanted to have the best pictures taken of my son so I could see every detail in his beautiful face someday as if I was taken back to the time he was my little sweet boy again.

To me photography is my passion. I enjoy capturing people’s beauty from within and bringing out people’s personality in each photo. I love to bring emotion into my photos because I believe our true beauty is on the inside, and I want to bring it out through the pictures I take of my subjects.

    ...........Love ..... Laugh..... Remember..... ...........